“Wisconsin State Journal in 1968 -- “Rennebohm Has Set a Splendid Example for All”


October 15, 2018

by Oscar Rennebohm Foundation

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of former Wisconsin Governor Oscar Rennebohm’s death. To mark the occasion, the Wisconsin State Journal re-ran an opinion article from that year reflecting on his legacy, including putting $2 million back into the Madison community and contributing to the creation of the Hilldale Shopping Center.

“One thing I have learned is that you don’t go out of this life with the books exactly balanced. Rennebohm once said. “I used to think you could. You can’t. You either give. Or you take.”

The author concludes, “Not every citizen can get on the “giving” side, at least not to the extent that the Rennebohm Foundation has donated millions. But every citizen can move to the “giving” side through contributions of time, thought and effort for his church, city, state and fellowman. Oscar Rennebohm has set a splendid example for all.”


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