United Way Invests Close to $19,000,000 in Dane County Initiatives


May 24, 2018

by Oscar Rennebohm Foundation

United Way of Dane County raised almost $19,000,000 from local businesses, organizations, and individuals to fund initiatives to support the education, health, and economic well-being of everyone in the region.

This year’s fundraising efforts included a new initiative called “Seasons of Caring,” which allowed companies to volunteer year-round. Employees also found new ways to engage their coworkers in donating money.

This included initiatives such as the Housing First initiative, which helps homeless families find stable housing, FACE-Kids, which provides therapist-led services to children with behavioral health needs, HIRE Initiative, which helps impoverished individuals find jobs that can provide for their families, and Early Childhood Zones.

Early Childhood Zones is a collaboration between Dane County, United Way, the City of Madison, the Oscar Rennebohm Foundation, and other organizations, which provides two-generational support to families in the Madison area.

“Every year I am overwhelmed by the generosity of our community,” says President and CEO of United Way of Dane County, Renee Moe. “This is just the beginning – we invest in communities, big picture vision with accountable strategies, and working together to invest more resources in families working toward stability.”


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