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Early Childhood Initiative

May 2015 – present

For 66 years the Oscar Rennebohm Foundation (ORF) has provided generous financial support and worked collaboratively with community partners and other funders on advancing the well-being of the people of the Dane County.

After a recent period of reflection and planning and in anticipation of a new funding cycle to begin in 2017, the board of the ORF has identified a number of issues to study. One of the areas of study is the support of children during the early years of development with a specific emphasis on the care and education of children after birth and through 3 years of age.

Over the next year or more the Foundation will explore this field by reviewing research and inviting discussions with program personnel and care-givers both in and outside of Dane County as well as parents and community members.

"The famous African American Educator, Frederick Douglass said, “It is easier to build strong children than it is to fix broken men.”

At the heart of the current Rennebohm Foundation Early Childhood Development Initiative is this expansion of that quote:“It is easier, more possible, less costly and more beneficial for a sustained and prosperous society to build strong babies and toddlers than it is to fix broken older children and adults.”

Jane Belmore, Ph.D., a leader and expert in education, will serve as the project manager for the ORF’s period of discovery. Dr. Belmore will be reaching out to people and organizations to facilitate the ORF’s knowledge in areas supporting for early childhood care and education.

Experts and organizations that have information they believe may be helpful should contact Dr. Belmore here. The Foundation will not be entertaining requests for funding during this time of exploration.

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How to Apply

The Oscar Rennebohm Foundation accepts grant applications from the Madison, Wisconsin area focused on the core service areas of education, healthcare, and community.

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Funding Requirements

Organizations requesting funding from the Oscar Rennebohm Foundation must meet the Funding Requirements established by the Foundation.

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Grant Recipients

The Oscar Rennebohm Foundation has contributed to many projects since its inception in 1949. View a complete list of how the Foundation’s contributions have helped the community here.

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The Oscar Rennebohm Foundation has worked with the Center for Nursing Excellence and St. Vincent de Paul Charity Pharmacy to create two case studies, available as resources to developing similar programs within the community.

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